I am a unique hybrid of a brand strategist and a creative generator.

I relish in the art of the big idea rooted as on-brand, on-strategy. 

I work with leaders out to do good in the world, not just well. 


"It only takes a couple of minutes for Jeff Scult to light you on fire with regards to strategies for your brand, products, and messaging. When you talk to Jeff, not only do you feel as if you are talking to a brand expert, you feel like you are chatting with a longtime friend. If you are looking for a way up the mountain, Jeff's your brand sherpa!"

- Eddie Coker, Founder & Creative Director, Wezmore



Thank you for your kind words, Eddie. Humbled and honored to do this work that feels like play.  



"Give me the wild creative freedom of a tightly defined strategy."

Why do YOU do what you do? Why does your COMPANY exist? The best ideas and companies ignite from a place of authenticity, a place you believe in, a root truth of real human simplicity. When defined, its integrity is without question. Ideas are shared with restraint, the expression kept simple. Culture is clear, and all stakeholders (employees, partners and customers) feel enrolled in a shared why. That is the intersection of where resonance occurs, emotionally speaking to you, reminding you who you are, perhaps enlightening you, certainly tapping into something bigger than who we are. Transactions elevate to traction - loyalty that speaks human.

I'm all about living in the question, and questioning in the answer, following that thread until the amalgam of truth about an idea, product, service and company culture is revealed. And once we know that, our creative path is revealed and unleashed. 

Let's sculpt the hell out of your company to feel like a cause.  Or for YOU - I do this for humans too, not just companies that act human. 


Jeff Scult



Our mission is to help you grow your business in a moving manner by inviting employees, customers, and partners to enroll themselves in your mission. We do this by revealing and telling your truth in a way that sparks joy, passion and authentic connection. Our goal is to ignite your brand in a way that is so uniquely you that no other business, brand or idea could be attached to your ethos.



We work with those who are here to do good, not just well. Conscious leaders who give a shit about people, the planet through mindful product development, and god-love-ya, no-shame-to-our-game, profits. We believe in abundance in all forms.

We work with solo-preneurs, for-profits, for-benefits, non-profits, pre-start ups, start ups, movements - the thread that binds is that they are each committed to authentically resonating their truth, and doing it in a four P's kind of way.

Consculting engagements have included a movement, community builder, a singer, a chef,  a communications specialist, a writer, a social media mixologist, a conscious-confections company, assisting on a rebrand refresh for the 100 year-old DMA, and brand articulation for a fresh new social engagement venture FEVO.

Jeff Head Shot in Venice.jpg


Why is it that some ideas, companies or people permeate our soul, and others simply pass by our eyes with barely a glance? Or perhaps best expressed by my first boss in advertising, Kym Gaynor, who confronted (Insert his thick southern drawl here), "Is the idea a dull push pin in the side of head, or a burning dart between the eyes? Because only one wins. And it wins every time."

The answer lies in the simplicity of an idea, a expressed reason for being based on a truth that is so authentically and powerfully you, that no other name in front of it would do.

Every idea grounded in purpose has gold in their soul. Yet it is the stunning few who share this passion behind their purpose. When expressed, your company feels more like a cause. Your idea ignites. Those who connect will enroll themselves in your mission, seeing your product or service more as a badge. Traction versus a transaction. And perhaps some surprising new customers will come knocking on your door. I don't care if your jam is Widgets. Every brand has a powerful story to communicate, an ethos which connects. 

Let's reveal and tell yours, right now.



I am a conscious entrepreneur,  a 25 year Marketing and Brand Specialist and igniter of ideas. Learn more about me here.  And if you want a deep dive with me in my own voice, take a listen here.

My favorite teacher in college at SMU was one of the first to call me a truth seeker. He said to the 19 year-old me, "You're a curious sort, aren't ya? Keep it up."

I embraced his advice.

Honing my curiosity skills over five start ups, travel in 27 countries, working on my own mindfulness, countless friends inviting my counsel, I graduated from truth seeker to a truth seer. Asking the right questions to understand, rather than respond. 

The greatest gift bestowed upon me are the incredible humans who have welcomed me into their worlds, to co-create. Those include badass graphic designers, cinematic story tellers, social media mavens (content producers and managers), music producers, anthem song writers, singers, custom jewelry, and clothing designers.

I have assembled a dream team of co-creators we tap depending on your brand ignition needs. Those individuals will be revealed and introduced to you once your needs are ID'd.



There is an expression that stuck with me from cutting my teeth in advertising in early '90's, "Give me the wild creative freedom from a tightly defined strategy." Our creative freedom and success is achieved within the threaded strategic framework utilized for every Consculting engagement:

1. Truth Seeking (Discovery phase by investigating within a circle of constituents, a Socratic journey to your truth)

2. Truth Seeing (Revealing of the big truth, which births your simple clear vision and mission)

3. Truth Sharing (Your re-galvanized vision and mission expressed tangibly through artful, on-brand messaging, activities and tangible expressions that enrolls your target. This is when we bring in the suite of resources to turn insights into tangible gold.)

When your idea is expressed - as some would describe - on a cellular level, consider your brand authentically connected with your fans. Your vision is crystallized. Your purpose is clear. And they will walk through a wall for you, buy your products, wear your swag, and tell their friends as if they belong to something cool.

If this threaded logic makes sense to you, we share a world view on the creation of magic, and we should talk.


Every engagement deliverable is mapped based on the discovery of what you need to pivot.

A) High Level Strategic Insight - Insight to identify roadblocks, discover new pathways to optimization, uncover creative ideas to grow or pivot to success.

B) Brand Voice Defined & Expressed - Words that foster alignment - company (re)naming, tagline, brand manifesto, web copy.

C) Social Media Marketing Strategy, Content Creation and Content Management - Social Media content creation and implementation that begins from your (re)defined brand voice. 

D) Cinematic, Micro-doc, Video Shorts - In today's micro-attention world, attention getting micro-videos reign supreme. Video to live on your website, shared via your email marketing campaigns and social media channels. Let's tell your story with moving pictures that move people closer to your brand.

E) Culture Ignition Activations - Creative tactics to help galvanize your team and partners to feel enrolled, a part of something bigger than themselves.  Those include (F) and (G), but there is so much more in the areas of health, wellness and joie de vive we would unlock based on your defined ethos. On-brand activities that deepen connections, and thus spark productivity. We don't just present ideas as to what to do; we have individuals who can lead activities.

F) Brand Anthem Songs - Music unlocks us. And yes, we can have your top customers and employees humming your song written and produced for your venture, and created in a shared culture-building moment. We partner with a magical musician called The Heartist, as she unlocks the gold musically in a company's soul.

G) Custom Branded Fashion - Fashion swag that gives your brand swagger. With messaging inside the neck that gives the wearer chills in the same area (I am not kidding).



We set goals with you and then align outcomes to those goals and show you the path.


1) EMPLOYEES : Engaged and productive staff galvanized by aligned purpose

Impact Measurement: Before / after interviews and surveys to ascertain "why are they here?" and "Do they know the values the company is living and what it stands for?" to track the change in the range of how people are responding to a more defined why-based culture.

2) CUSTOMERS & PARTNERS : Customer and partner loyalty that is supported by meaning, referrals, and a sense of buy-in that creates sustained traction rather than just transactions.

Impact Measurement:
I) Immediate: A felt sense that things are changing, and that direction has changed across the company, clarity and direction. 
II) Mid-Tier: The experience working in the company is different, the interaction between both team members and customers begins having impact on top line measurements.
III) Long-Term: Return-on-Investment is measured through productivity, revenue, and attraction to your company.  


Now more than ever, we long to belong. We are in the midst of a massive cultural shift which is calling on the business community to get real and clear. Those courageous companies and ideas which speak to us in a way that just makes sense will foster a deep connection to make us feel a rush of self. Those will be be the ones to lead this new paradigm of business with purpose. 

This is an exciting time. Our time.

If this talk resonates for you as a leader, I'd love to help you unleash your expression, to reveal the gold in your soul.