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I listen to excavate the gold of your brand expression. In doing so, we reveal the language of your transcendent truth.

It’s not a re-brand.

It's a brand reveal.

Because it was always there.

I’m your conscultant to get you there.


"Nobody GETS IT as quickly and authentically as Jeff Scult.”

“Jeff is a generous listener with a big heart and mind to match. He sees into the essence of what you are trying to build - and brand. Jeff is committed to helping his clients carry their work forward into the world, and he provides very important added inspiration and support along the way. I am so glad I had the opportunity to engage with conSCULTing on my business. Jeff named my brand “Inbodied” and he helped me find my brand voice. I recommend him with every bit of my being. THANK YOU JEFF!!"

Lauren Taus, Founder, Inbodied


"Where most of us see to the stop sign, Jeff sees around the corner."

Jacy Cunningham, Nike Athlete, The Jacy Method

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“I listen to understand, rather than respond. I get to see the gold in the ideas of leaders, and ideals of humans who are open to being open.

Me on me, ever since about this age of 8


 Words cast spells.


(and soulfully).

I help you to tell your stories of transcendent truth.

Kim Gaynor, my first boss in advertising in the late '80's, said this to me of “THE ART OF CONNECTION” in his thick southern drawl, "Do you want to be a dull push pin in the side of the head, or a burning dart between the eyes? The burning dart is when you have connected, surprised or delighted. That’s your customers’ give-a-shit-factor. Be the burning dart - it wins every time."

Taking language apart and putting it back together has been part of my DNA since I played with words with my punny mom, my lovership with language precisioned witnessing my sage father, deepened with 12 years a student of advertising, and heightened followed by countless encounters of seeing the gold in ideas and inside, as my discovered living legacy.

I’m dedicated to uncover your burning darts. I have a philosophy - we do what we do for two reasons: connection and love. And I will help you find & express that nexus point. Again, it’s right there. If you’re doing something on purpose, it’s always there.

How can I help your brand ascend?

  • Ownable Brand Name.

  • Unique Mission Statement. (no one else’s name would do in front of the statement)

  • Resonant Brand Story Expressed.

  • Brand Glossary of Highest Values.

  • Precise and Concise Web Language.

  • Winning Taglines.

My pleasure is your sacred business. Our gift is your success.