Nightly sunset wow from your Solstice five master suite home in Cabo.

Nightly sunset wow from your Solstice five master suite home in Cabo.

"If you've heard of Jet Smarter, if the term buddy pass means something to you other than a hall pass to leave 6th grade math class, or if are familiar with any of the number of shared use bespoke member work and social clubs popping like corn, this is that for luxury second home living."

- Me


LIFE ELEVATION CAUTION: Depending on your answer to four questions below, landing on this page may just may be the equivalent of a discovery of a golden ticket level life discovery. No hyperbole or ego at all - just Babe Ruth calling the love shot. Here’s the briefest of backstories. 

Okay friends, here's question #1...are you a curator of life, where quality of experience, taste and sophistication matters to you?

The fact that you are on my personal website means there's a better than best chance that you are. Now, the three follow up questions:

Two, do you enjoy gathering your friends (and family members you enjoy) under one roof for deep dives, joie de vive and authentic connection? Three, have you have done well for yourself where you invest in your vacations? And four, do you align your life where your work productivity is not tethered to an office computer? If you answered 4 out of 4 as yes, then buckle up for a unique lifestyle invitation. Here’s the briefest of backstories.

From inception in 2003 to 2008, I helped Solstice Collection become the world’s twice-awarded “best of the best” second home club. The sharing economy meets second home living, birthed long before 'the uber' mentality of sharing was part of our adoption. The idea was simple, and still is. To create a (much) better alternative to second home ownership (even for those that can afford one, let alone eight remarkable multi-million dollar second homes), luxurious second home living financially accessible for more worthy souls to enjoy; to offer all the benefits and emotional connection of second home living without any of the headaches and hassles of outright ownership, and none of the financial burden. When you walk through the door of your New York, Aspen, St. Barths, Napa Valley, Cabo, Paris, Florence and London home, it is your home, to gather those you love in the best locations within one-of-one homes you will grow to call your cherished own. (Scroll below for the wow gallery). 

 While I no longer have ownership interest in the club, I remain a member. The club has reopened to welcome a handful of new members, and I was honored and humbled that the owners invited me to be the Member Rep to curate a conscious collective of members. (They recognized that one of my super powers is that I collect great humans - and that includes you).

To that end, if you landed on this page, you are either someone I already love, admire and see as getting it, or you got here because you know someone I know that I feel that way. I believe quality begets quality - we are the company we keep. My approach will be to invite individuals who see Solstice as a gift to share with those they love, perhaps to use some of your time to elevate another less fortunate in your world worthy of experience this version of self-love, and self-care. Or, donating a few of your days to charity to give back by infusing the arts or worthy charities of your choosing.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the unlimited use membership model, which includes daily housekeeping and concierge advance planning services. If you are intrigued, just ask. I will send you a one-page snapshot prepared by the club where we can mutually assess if it's a good lifestyle fit. 

I will end with this personal share - Solstice has done more to deepen my heart relationships with family and friends that anything else I can think of - it's just different in the stillness and joy of being under special roofs that feel like home, together. 


  • Check out the remarkable homes below and here.
  • Check out how members feel about their Solstice experience here.  
  • Explore changing the arc of your relationships with family and friends by going deeper, by contacting me here.

Solstice Collection is all about authentic connection. 

Live the life you love...

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Napa, California

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Napa 1.png
Napa 2.png
Napa 4.png

Aspen, Colorado

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Aspen Patio.jpg

London, United Kingdom

London 1.jpeg
London 3.jpg
London 2.jpg

Paris, France

Paris 3.jpg
Paris 2.jpg
Paris 4.jpg

Florence, Italy

Florence 3.jpg
Florence 2.jpg
Florence 4.jpg

Cabo, San Lucas

Cabo 3.jpg
Cabo 2.jpg
Cabo 4.jpg

Columbier, St. Barths

St. Barths 3.jpg
St. Barths 2.jpg