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"Jeff works branding magic. Efficient and timely, his is just the support system my business needs."

-- Victorine Deych, Owner, Victorine


"Jeff is a passionate creative who is skilled in the art of branding. Jeff helped to create taglines and further define the voice for a new brand I am working on. Jeff is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him with high regard to others seeking such services." 

-- Evan Novis, Owner, Yoga Crow, global photographer for good

"Jeff has a natural way of getting to the essence of a thing. Whether it's messaging, branding, team-building, story-telling, creating energy... what he brings to the table is a power and clarity that inspires. His ability to meaningfully connect with people about the essence of what's important speaks to an authenticity that transcends the traditional marketing / sales pitch approach. It's also a joy to collaborate with Jeff."  

-- Robert Bengtson, Founder, Inspiration Campaign

"ConSculting? Simple, direct, effective, inspirational. I'm a believer."

"There was an abundance I wanted, yet didn't quite know how to access.  Jeff changed my life, showing me the keys to a locked door, keys I was already holding.

Since engaging with Jeff, new business opportunities and more importantly amazing people have been gravitating toward me in ways I never thought possible.

Thank you Jeff."

-- Malcolm Hood, Founder, Hippo Treats


"As someone who has hired and worked with many different consultants and brand experts, I can say nobody GETS IT as quickly and authentically as Jeff Scult. He’s a generous listener with a big heart and mind to match. He sees into the essence of what you are trying to build - and brand. Jeff is committed to helping his clients carry their work forward into the world, and he provides very important added inspiration and support along the way.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to engage with conSCULTing on my business. I recommend him with every bit of my being. THANK YOU JEFF!!"

Lauren Taus, In-Yoga Entreprenuer

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"In one coaching session, Jeff tore down every fear limiting belief I was blocked by, while at the exact same time rapidly rebuilding me to make complete perfect sense. The result? I now see a clear path to live my life and work purpose in alignment - not balance, as Jeff taught me - and my truth at its full value. Jeff talks about a permission to pivot, and the way he does it feels like magic, but is REAL. I knew I was supposed to touch the lives of millions. Now I know how. I now feel like I have given myself 100% permission to be fully who I am. And it blows my mind. Thank you, Jeff Scult."

Michelle Mitchum, Founder, OrangeMoon Holistic Health and Wellness


People don't come more inspiring and authentic than Jeff. His innate desire to help those around him succeed and show their true selves is palpable upon first meeting him. Within minutes of being in his presence, one can feel his or her best qualities rising to the surface and a natural commitment to preserving and cultivating those strengths. Personally, Jeff has inspired me to come up with creative solutions to personal and professional challenges that I have faced recently, in a way that inspires and gets me excited to develop. He is a born connector and does everything in his power to make sure the incredible people he knows meet one another. This is one creative, business-savvy man, and I feel so fortunate to have him as both a friend and mentor."

-- Dionisia Hatzis, Co-Founder, LIVE DOYENNE


"Jeff is creative genius.

He provided care, creativity, and wisdom in helping me rebrand. Most importantly, he helped me find our real intention and voice.

He is warm, ridiculously talented, and wants you to express yourself with authenticity, power, and a flare of fun. I am so grateful for his help and highly recommended working with him."

Jani Moon - Media Coach, Brand Innovator, Communication and Connection Expert


"Where most of us see to the stop sign, Jeff sees around the corner."

Jacy Cunningham, Nike Athlete, Founder of The Jacy Method

-- Eddie Coker, Founder & CEO,     THE MORE PROJECT

-- Eddie Coker, Founder & CEO, THE MORE PROJECT

"It only takes a couple of minutes for Jeff Scult to light you on fire with regards to strategies for your brand, products, and messaging. When you talk to Jeff, not only do you feel as if you are talking to a brand expert, you feel like you are chatting with a longtime friend. If you are looking for a way up the mountain, Jeff's your brand sherpa!" 


"Jeff Scult's gift for guiding you straight to the answer you seek is nothing less than a profound and modern distillation of Socrates' own. Put simply, Jeff will re-tune your self-knowledge to the precious beat of its own drum." - Lara Eastburn, Owner, Lara Eastburn Digital

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