soul branding.jpg

It's not a re-brand.

It's a brand reveal.

Because it was always there.

I work with you to excavate the gold of your brand expression. I am a word guy, and idea & strategy man to support you to see past blind spots to express your brand and ignite your ideas.


"Jeff Scult's gift for guiding you straight to the answer you seek is nothing less than a profound and modern distillation of Socrates' own. Put simply, Jeff will re-tune your self-knowledge to the precious beat of its own drum." - Lara Eastburn, Owner, Lara Eastburn Digital


 Words cast spells.


I help you to tell your stories of transcendent truth.

Kim Gaynor, my boss in advertising in the late '80's, said this to me of messaging in his thick southern drawl, "Do you want to be a dull push pin in the side of the head, or a burning dart between the eyes?" The burning dart is your give a shit factor. Only one wins, and it wins every time."

I love to serve + elevate ascendant leaders up to magic to create theirs.

Let’s make it a pleasure. Someone has to.